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Thread: Candy Crush Free: First Score Ever: 30K+

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    Default Candy Crush Free: First Score Ever: 30K+

    Just expanded to King to play free games (can't upgrade; living in MD. however moving to TX in the future) and for my first ever game of Candy Crush, I scored 31760

    Candy Crush is a pretty awesome game, though the bright graphics will take a couple games to get used to.

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    It's a pretty fun game and gets better when you start understanding the full knack of how the game works. Make it your goal to hit past 100k in a game before you move to Texas.
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    I agree with Jacob, it's a fun game and the more your practice, the better you will become It's one of the most popular games on King, so you can imagine the jackpots are pretty high. You need to be scoring 200k+ to place near the top of jackpot tournaments, at any rank. But for head to heads and cup games, scores of around 100k - 150k are good enough to win most of the time at the lower ranks.

    Search it on YouTube. Sowy got 286k for his 1400+ win (the biggest single win to date on King).

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